This is how it started

Back in 2013, SYNCWIRE was founded, carrying the dream of making charging easier and living better. True wireless charging is the future lifestyle that SYNCWIRE is dedicated to pursuing. As a satisfaction & technology-oriented brand, any detail that may improve your experience will be thoroughly considered.

Every day SYNCWIRE parcels reach over 10,000+ households worldwide. We leverage superior R&D technology, continuous innovation, and timeless curiosity to focus on delivering a more efficient wireless charging experience than ever before, committed to bringing more convenience and fewer worries to every customer.

Wireless matters, stay with SYNCWIRE, be bold & stay closer connected with what matters to your life.


Wireless is the future lifestyle

30 millions+ customers in 40 countries

To Achieve True Wireless Power, We Will Never Stop

National level laboratory


Quality is the priority

Simple, superior, reliable